How to Crack SSC CGL Tier 2

All you need to know about SSC CGL Tier 2

In our previous post, we have discussed everything you need to know about SSC CGL Tier 1 exam. After you clear Tier 1 exam, the next challenge in the selection procedure is to do well in Tier 2.

SSC CGL Tier 2 comprises of three four different papers – Paper 1, Paper 2, Paper 3 and Paper 4. You don’t have to appear for all of these! Your papers will depend on upon the posts you are applying for. As in Tier 1, all the questions are of multiple choice type.

Which Papers Apply To You

  1. Paper-I & II – These are compulsory for all the categories of posts. The Paper I tests your Quantitative ability while Paper II judges your understanding over the English language.
  2. Paper-III  – This paper is only for those who have applied for the post of Statistical Investigators Grade II and Compilers.
  3. Paper IV – This is only for those who have applied for the post of Assistant Audit Officer.

Check the table below for more details of each paper.

Paper Subject Maximum Marks Number of Questions Exam Duration and Timings
1 Quantitative Abilities 200 100 2 Hours,10 AM to 12 Noon
2 English Language & Comprehension 200 200 2 Hours,2 PM to 4 PM
3 Statistics 200 100 2 Hours,2 PM to 4 PM
4 General Studies (Finance and Economics) 200 To be announced 2 Hours,10 AM to 12 Noon

The Tier 2 papers will be conducted over two days. Paper 1 and Paper 2 on the first day. And Paper 3 and Paper 4 on the second day.

Level Of Questions In Tier 2 Vs Tier 1

The level of questions asked in this Tier 2 is different from that in Tier 1. The preparation level for Tier 2 is higher, as the level of difficulty and pattern is completely different.

So, if you are reading this post before the Tier 1 exam, then try to cover the topics which are common between Tier 1 and Tier 2 in detail. As this will save you some time later on. However, do keep in mind that your first aim is to clear SSC CGL Tier 1. So strike a balance.

For the preparation of Tier 2, candidates get a period of approximately three months. You should use this time judiciously as this exam needs better speed and understanding than your Tier 1.

Let’s now dive into each paper of  SSC CGL Tier 2 exam.

Paper 1: Quantitative Ability

100 questions each of 2 marks will be asked in this paper. Time allotted for solving them would be two hours. Now you may be thinking that’s a lot of a time, and it would be a cake walk.

But let me tell you one thing.

The level of these questions would be much more difficult (sorry that I’m repeating this point, but it is important). And if you have not practiced well, and are slow, your time will go through the window.

Also, there is a negative marking of 0.50 mark for each wrong answer.

Keeping the time and negative marking in mind, it is very important that you have a high accuracy.

Topics to focus for Paper 1

For this tier, the key topics would be Geometry, algebra, trigonometry, date interpretation and percentage. Around 60 to 70 %questions are asked from these topics.

Again, if you are reading this before Tier 1, prepare these topics well.

In any case, since you would have practiced these topics for Tier 1 and your concepts are supposed to be crystal clear, you will not have to start afresh. Speed, command over the topic and accuracy are the three crucial elements to shine in this section.

And all three come from a single source – practice!

Spend a lot of your quality time to practice previous year’s solved papers. To strengthen your chances of clearing Tier 2, you should aim to get about 80 % of the questions with accuracy.

Paper 2: English Language & Comprehension

There will be 200 questions each carrying one mark.

There would be negative marking for every incorrect answer.  0.25 mark will be deducted from your total score for each wrong answer. So, if you are unsure about a particular question, it is advisable not to attempt it.

The pattern of this section is very similar to tier 1, but the difficulty level is higher in this tier.

Topics To Focus For Paper 2

Around 40- 50 % of question are grammar based. So, if you are good with the language, you won’t face too many hurdles in attempting this paper.

These days quality of most of the newspapers is just bad. I guess only the editorial section is checked properly – try reading those. Books on grammar and practicing exam pattern questions would surely help you to stand out from the crowd.

Paper 3: Statistics

You have to attempt 100 questions in two hours. Each correct answer will earn you two marks while 0.50 mark will be deducted from your score for every wrong answer.

Topics To Focus For Paper 3

Not enough study materials or books are available online for this paper. However, if you focus on areas like Skewness and Kurtosis, Correlation and Regression, Probability Theory, Time Series Analysis, Sampling Theory, Statistical Inference, etc.; you would be able to do fairly well in the examination.

Paper 4: General Studies (Finance and Economics)

With the addition of the new post of Assistant Audit Officer in SSC CGL exam, Paper 4 has been added to CGL Tier 2. As of now, we don’t even know how many questions this paper will have!

I’ll update this post as and when I get to know something about this. Meanwhile, you can check the syllabus in the SSC CGL Official Notification to get some idea.

Books For SSC CGL Tier 2

Books for SSC CGL Tier 2 will be added in due course. Remember to bookmark this page for reference. Best of luck!

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