SSC CGL 2016 Tier 1 31 August Questions and Analysis

The SSC CGL Tier I exam 2016 started on 27th August. The exams will take place in two shifts until 29th August 2016. From  30th August 2016, the exam will take place in three shifts, upto 11th September 2016. This year, the Staff Selection Commission is conducting the exam online. Let us look Section-wise at the questions asked in SSC CGL Tier I 31st August Shift 1.

Questions Asked in SSC CGL Tier I 31st August Shift 1 – General Awareness

The questions were a mix of static GK and current affairs. Most of you found this section moderate. Here are some question from today’s paper:

  1. India shares longest international border with – Bangladesh.
  2. Highest Gallantry award of peace –Ashok Chakra.
  3. People of Indus Valley used to worship – Pashupati.
  4. Polio is caused due to – Poliovirus.
  5. CK Naidu trophy is associated with which sport – Cricket.
  6. India’s 1st Carbon-free state –Himachal Pradesh.
  7. FAST telescope installed in – China.
  8. Energy travels from Sun to earth in the form of – Radiations.
  9. Kovvda nuclear plan proposed to be set up in – Andhra Pradesh.
  10. India’s volcano located? – Barren Islands.
  11. In IT, failure of Kernel means? –Operating System failure.
  12. Final interpretation of the constitution is done by? – Supreme Court.
  13. Upanishads are a collection of? –Philosophies.
  14. Residuary powers are vested in? –Union.
  15. Tsangpo is another name for which river? – Brahmaputra.
  16. What is Money Market? – Financial Market where short-term securities, loans, etc. are traded between banks and financial institutions

Questions Asked in SSC CGL Tier I 31st August Shift 1 – English Language:

Reading Comprehension

The exam had 1 reading comprehension passages and 5 corresponding questions. It was based on a stroy of two friends walking in snow storm.  The passage went on like this: Two friends were travelling during a storm. They were looking for shelter and found a hut-like structure, which was deserted and muddy. They entered into it and found a gold necklace with a Ruby pendant. Everything was dirty in the hut but the necklace was very clean and without any dirt on it…

Fill in the Blanks

The questions had one blank each and you had to choose the correct option to fill in the blank. There were 3 questions in total. These were similar to the questions asked in SSC CGL 28th August Shift 1 exam, which are:
Health is too important to be _____.
I am _____ of this crime.

Synonyms and Antonyms

Around 3-4 questions synonyms and antonyms questions appeared in the exam. These questions were easy. These were similar to the questions asked in SSC CGL 28th August Shift 1 exam.


There were 1 spelling correction questions. These questions were pretty easy and had words used in day-to-day life. The question was similar to the ones usually asked.
For eg: How is the following word spelt? –Erroneous

Phrase or Idiom Meaning

It was an easy to moderate set and involved straightforward questions. You had explain the meaning of the following phrases/idioms: Pros & Cons, once in a blue moon & fish out of water.

Questions Asked in SSC CGL Tier I 31st August Shift 1- Quantitative Aptitude:

The questions were similar to the ones asked in earlier exams. The level of the quant section was moedrate in this paper. Example of some questions from previous SSC CGL 2016 papers:

A’s income is 150% more than B’s income. B’s income is how much % lesser than A’s income?

Ratio of age of M:N is 4:3. After 6 years M will be 26 years. What is N’s present age?

The DI section was based on Bar Graph and questions were based on percentages. There were 5 Bar Graph based questions. The level of quant section was moderate.

Questions Asked in SSC CGL Tier I 31st August Shift 1 – General Intelligence & Reasoning:

This section was quite easy in the SSC CGL 31st August Shift 1 exam. Some of the questions appeared from previous years’ questions papers. A number of questions were asked from series. There were 3 questions in non-verbal reasoning –1 on paper cutting, 1 on mirror image and 1 on water image. Rest of the questions were similar to the questions asked in other SSC CGL Tier I exam this year.

If there are any questions that you remember from your SSC CGL Tier I exam, then please let us know in the comments.


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